Finding the 1648/aap



im want to buy the aopen 1648/aap (NOT PRO) drive, but i cant find any sites with them instock. i cant find any whether its the regular 1648/aap white drive or the chameleon (chameleon would be nice so itll match my pc). anybody know reliable sites that have them instock?


and may i ask why you want the non pro version? as far as im aware they dont make them anymore


JaE, if you want to overpay, you may want to check with CDW, as that’s where I got mine from, albeit before the Pro version came out. It only has the beige cover, but I emailed AOpen directly and they were nice enough to send me the black and silver faceplates for free. :slight_smile:


i just read the thread aap vs aap pro and realized the pro version is better with this model. i have the aopen aah/pro combo drive and the ripping sucks, so i wanted to get the non pro version as theres hacked fw for them. im now looking for the pro version, and i think i found it at directron for 34.50 shipped.

btw does fw 1.02 fix the speed problem?


Did you check $23.99 + $4.00 FedEx Saver Shipping
AOpen Beige 16X DVD-ROM
Also if you check AOpen website you will find by checking the Model #: 91.4ED37.402 you will find its a pro.
Good luck. :slight_smile:


did you notice that its not in stock, and its been that way for a while now


Life sucks for you. :rolleyes:


Out Of Stock
ETA: 5/13/2005

All you have to do was wait out the weekend and you’ll save $5 :wink:
I’m pretty sure it would have been available by monday.


Out Of Stock
ETA: 5/18/2005
and look at it today, the date is just going to keep bumpin up


I was desperate for one and since Newegg hasn’t had it for awhile, I ordered a full retail Chameleon version (p/n 91.4ED37.474) from Computer Brain here for $31.47 + $8.95 shipping, no tax. Ordered it Thursday evening, received it the following Monday afternoon. You can see all Aopen DVD-ROM drives at Computer Brain here.

The Aopen 1648/AAP PRO came with firmware version 1.01 and compared to my Toshiba SD-M1712 with the anti-rip lock firmware J004, the Aopen drive is quite a bit faster when ripping DVDs. I’m still evaluating cd-r and cd-rw read performance with Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80. Also I’ll have to try firmware version 1.02. crosses fingers

SmartRipper 1.41, The Matrix DVD

Aopen 1648/AAP PRO = 7:29
Toshiba SD-M1712 = 10:56

About a 3.5 minute difference!