Finding Securom on a CD

I just bought “The Thing” for PC today, and I am trying to locate the securom on the CD. I have read that I am supposed to look for a Sony DADC somewhere. Where?

use this one from Yates

P.S. it is SecoRom New V4.77.00.0029

Thanks for that site info.

Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of Sony DADC located somewhere?

@ Jellybelly, Your welcome :slight_smile:

@ CCDKing, something like this

on the inner ring of the cd

the link above (Prot version.exe) doesn’t work!
shit! :frowning:

Try Here

I have just used the above link that works ok,and I copied the Prot to my desktop and I have used it to detect my backup of the Thing: SecuROM - 4.82.00 0037:

I made a backup today using clone cd and scout with the profile for new SecuROM:

Once again thanks Portmac:)

Weird, my copy of “The Thing” did not have that on the CD.