Finding out password to open ports?

I have one problem. I think my provider blocked my ports. I found out I have to open them in the internet, but to do this I must know the username and password. What do I have to do to find out this things?
Could somebody help me please? Thank you.

Not possible unless you hack their routers… and even then i think you’d have to set them to a different mode, SOMEONE would notice. Not gonna happen.

If you are using a router, there is a good chance that it is your router and not the Internet provider that is blocking the ports.

If you are not sure whether you are using a router, go into the command prompt (Start -> Run, type in “cmd” and click ‘OK’). When the black command prompt box appears, type in “ipconfig” and press enter.

Have a look at the digits for the “Default Gateway” that is returned. If this starts with “192.168”, then you are using a router.

To get into the router configuration, go into your Internet browser and type in “http://” followed by the IP address that you got for the default gateway. E.g. if your default gateway is “”, type in “” in your Internet browser. Then follow the steps for your router on this website on setting up ports, which also gives the default usernames and passwords for most routers.

If you got another value for the default gateway that does not begin with “10…”, “172.16…” or “100…” or have tried the port forwarding steps without any luck, I would recommend contacting your provider to find out how to go about getting the ports opened. For example, I’ve seen cases where an ISP restricts all but http, ftp and e-mail traffic on their entry level package, but does not restrict anything on their higher end (but more expensive) packages.