Finding Nemo

Has anybody successfully processed Finding Nemo Disc 1 PAL Region 4. ???
I manage to rip it ok using Decrypter but when I let DVD2one do its thing, the finished product is about ten minutes of the directors interview and then goes to the movie and then stops at about 40 minutes.

[I]im having probs too !!


What sort of problems.
I got mine done in the end.

[I]Never mind mate, I got it sorted :slight_smile: just cut the movie
out of it with “DVD Shrink” and copied just the movie to
a disk with “Clone DVD” And it’s sorted :wink:

Plays ok too …[/I]

The region2 version of FN has the same problem. With a newer version of DVD2ONE (I use 1.40) this problem can be overcome easily. When in the movie only mode, just choose the movie of 1:32 lenth (32 chapters if I recall correctly) and everything will be fine…