Finding My Own Question

Hi All,

I signed-up yesterday and don’t know how to find my own question. Are there portable CD players that, like my car’s CD, will return to the exact place on the CD when power is returned? My wife, who is blind, wants to listen to “books on CDs” but has to fast forward to find her place. Thanks, Beachmarina

Hi and Welcome!

this is your only post (yet), so I suspect something went wrong for whatever reason.

Concerning the CD player, I’d strongly recommed to go to a local shop and try the players. Take a disc of your own with you to test. And while you are at it, you can also check if the overall handling does fit your demands.

My car CD player (Ford OEM Sony) returns to the place it was stopped with regular Audio CDs. With MP3 discs, it will start at the beginning of the track. Newer revisions of that unit are supposed to behave the same as with Audio CDs.