Finding media for the dru720a



I must be a flaming newbie because I cannot find the following media: dvd+rw 8x, and dvd+r dl 4x.

I have talked to phillips, imation, sony, bestbuy, compusa, circuitcity, etc., and of all of these phillips and imation and sony suggest they are out there, “check their store locations.”

being a newbie I fail to find the aforementioned media. hell, in a local walk-in to numerous shops, the only place to have the dvd+r 16x media was officemax–none of the major more computer centric shops.

what is going on? please, someone save this aggravated newbie and tell me where I can buy the specified media.

NOTE: I am aware of the mountain of dvd+rw 4x and the dvd+r dl 2.4x media .



You can’t find them cause they are not available yet. Some drives can burn Verbatim dl discs at 4x.


what are you trying to say with, “Some drives can burn Verbatim dl discs at 4x.” that a dvd+r dl 4x drive can write 4x on 2.4x media? have you tried that? otherwise, I am very well aware that there are dvd+r dl 4x drives. many drives exist that can write dl 4x, but yet apparently no media.

Says Sony: “The DVD+R 16X and the DVD+R 4X Double Layered DVD medias are currently not available online at I suggest that you contact a Sony Dealer to purchase the same.”

That is a sony response to my query about dvd+rw 8x and dvd+r dl 4x. In short, I read that as media available, but not on sonly online. I have continued to question and the canned blowoff the best they can do…to confirm that you are proproblably correct.

also, phillips annonced having dvd+rw 8x media sometime back, but that appears ongoning.

these drives are not that new. what’s up with this industry? again, newbie to the dvd write arena.

okay, let me change my question and ask: does anyone have any idea when we expect this media?



People will buy it because they think it is better even though they cannot use it yet. I did burn a few Verbatims, but when I did my drive, BenQ dw1620 did not support 4x burning. I think I heard Verbatims is releasing 8x DVD+RW in Q2.



again, being a newbie to the dvd writer arena, I find it very difficult to believe that the media lags so far behind the drives.

lessons learned.