Finding audio file (song) by singing part of it

I would like to find a song (and download it from somewhere, even paying for it), however I don’t know its name (except for the first 2 words, which are too common for searching). Is there any way to find it on the web just by singing (the tune) of it’s begining ?
Thanks in advance for aby help

The best idea would probably contact a highly professional knowledgeable disk jockey or radio maker. Most of them know countless records.

You could give this a go…
Sing along linky

Web site library that tries to identify the song from you humming it into your pc microphone. Never tries it myself so can not verify.

Hey, nifty, I am gonna try that out.

I was going to give it a go, but I’m sitting in an airport lounge and people might think I was a little odd… :o

Hehe, aww, go for it, give the folks some entertainment :slight_smile:

Tell that to your Nintendog on the Nintendo DS :slight_smile: