Finding and removing duplicate files

hey guys/gals

I am constantly trying new programs and finding that they do not work or cannot be understood well by me to use so I un-install. well using a trial version of a software looking for duplicates, I have a crapload of files that appear to be duplicates. I am afraid to delete these files with out seeking advise. This program i used would only let me search for but not delete.

So, what is the best programs paid or free to find and delete these duplicate files. and how can one know which can be deleted as many including my self have used an unistaller and destroyed my system. Is there a tutorial on this I need to remove all the unneeded files but am afraid to reinvent what I did before.


Might be better to reinstall windows if it’s as bad as you say.

Would suggest looking into virtualization solutions if you want to try out software. The windows registry is not an efficient database and many programs follow their own install process instead of using MSI, all which leads to a compromised system.

Using Windows XP/Vista? First of all, before you nuke anything, make sure you have a nice big storepoint. If you have no clue about what that is, just google for it.

Removing duplicate files can clean out your system, but it’s almost impossible to know what files are deletable and which are very important if you have no idea how they got there in the first place.

Keep in mind that most programs do not uninstall 100%. Most programs leave a lot of registry entires (not really important) and folders (usually empty).

If you still want to get rid of the crapload of duplicate files, better first move them to an entirely different folder, then reboot your system and see if the system is still working. About then you can decide wether the file can really be removed.

A complete reinstall is always better, but then you gotta reinstall your main software products as well.

Keep in mind not all duplicate files are unnecessary.Sometimes they need to be in two or more locations on the OS to work correctly.