Finding an Online Mod!

Is there a quick way to quickly PM an online Mod?
Or at least easily report violations?

Having just found a request for a keygen, I had to resort to checking the online/offline status of every moderator …

Going all the way back to the forum mainscreen isn’t a good solution. I never enter the forum that way.

Please advise.

The report post “!” link is the best option. It may not always be the quickest but someone will respond to it eventually.

If you need a quick response then you can look for the bolded user names at the bottom of the Main Index to see which moderators are online and then just click on the name to get the profile and a PM link to the moderator. :wink:

Do you feel bold when you’re online?

Hehe, it’s even on my card. :bigsmile:

First giggle of the day. LOL! :bigsmile:

hey, this is the wrong forum for “First” stuff :stuck_out_tongue: