Finding an .exe file

well i know this sounds stupid ( and prolberly agaisn the rules of the forum and in this case plz block thred) i was just wondering b4 far cry was released in the country in which i live my friend downloaded it off the web i saw him play and asked him to send to me which he did but informed me that i needed to replace the existing .exe on the dvd (in which game was on) with one he had sent in an email (he did not send) i text him with no reply proberly cause he is off backpacking in india so plz if you know where i can obtai this file can u pz pm me or post here

thanx in advance (srry if i sound like a bit of a noob)
:bow: to the admins :stuck_out_tongue:

You are quite correct this is against the forum rulez and so the thread will be closed. If you are in doubt in the future about what is allowed on the forum read the rulez before posting.