Finding A Nintendo Wii This Holiday Season

Are any other CD Freaks users on the quest to find a Wii that’s IN STOCK somewhere?

I couldn’t get one on launch day, and by the time I noticed Best Buy had 12 to sell last Sunday the line already had 30 people outside 2 hours before the store opened!

This could be a nice thread for users to post any helpful tips on where the next shipment might land!! :clap:

They don’t come out here in the UK until next Friday (8th December), but I think I’ll wait until after christmas to pick one up.

My Xbox360 will keep me company until then :slight_smile:

Hopefully i’ll have one the upcoming friday evening :slight_smile:

I looked into it, because I wouldn’t mind checking one out. I like the idea your actually exercising some while playing, and it would make a great party game console for everyone not just the typical gamer. Also it’s just a nice sleek looking component. It would be a nice addition to my entertainment center without adding to much clutter. I had no luck in finding one though. I did a little snooping around and my local Walmart said they only had one shipment so far. The next shipment is coming Dec,6 ( at the very least 3 is stated to be shipped) this wednesday here in the United States. I’m not sure about anywhere else. Here is something I think you will be very interested in. Seeing how you folks are the coolest. Type in your zip and make sure you scroll down on the right for the retailers to show up. This will be good for you folks looking for a Ps3 also. Just look for the link on this page.