Finding a good stand alone dvd player, any advise?

i’m looking to buy a stand alone dvd player with divx codec support, any advise?

Depending on what you want your player to be able to play there is alot of choices here.

oh thanks, it realy helped!

Defanatlly read through the user comments for any particular player on videohelp too. Older player models seemed to be a lot more limited on how many diffrent formats they could play while newer ones (even some cheap ones) can play a lot more. My cheapo jsi player will play anything I throw at it while my older and more expensive phillips wont. I think it is mostly determined by what chipset they use and the newer chipsets have beter support for more formats (the jsi I recently got even plays nero digital).

this is just like the burners i think, plextor is good but no sheep, lite-on is new but 2 sheep.