Finding a DVD-burner, help wanted

Hello! :slight_smile:

My first post here, and “finding a good dvd-burner is tough” applies to me. :wink: I hope you guys can help me. I´ve read through some threads here to try filter out what I want, but all the information is still overwhelming. Basically it comes down to four things:

  1. I want it to support Dual Layer DVD´s.

  2. I want a quiet drive in general. But it makes most sense when playing usual DVD-movies. I understand the speed can be set using Nero DriveSpeed? What is the speed limit where one can consider it quiet? Is there any burner out there you consider quiet without using a speedlimiter?

  3. I also want to burn DVD´s at the specified maximum speed. I understand this is a matter of finding the right quality media, and it applies to most burners. When it says “supports 16X write-speed”, only a very few brands of media seems to work?

  4. I also want the drive to be region-free (RPC1?). I understand most of the times a modified firmware has to be used to accomplish this. I have no problem with this, although I prefer not to alter the drive this way. Are there any good burners supporting RPC1 with stock firmware?

  5. Edit: Ah… I almost forgot, I am also looking for an external enclosure to use with it. I see the “external enclosure” thread at the top of the forum, but didn´t find so much information about… fans! Yes, seems some of these enclosures come with a fan, making noise. Is a fan really neccessary? I prefer to buy one without fan.

I think I am leaning towards a NEC 3520 or 3540. They seem to have good community support here. I appreciate if you could give me some advice, thanks. :slight_smile:

“I think I am leaning towards a NEC 3520 or 3540”. IMO you won’t go wrong with either one of these.

  1. Most now do but media is way too expensive and burn quality is not great.

  2. Most are fairly quiet and some will offer quiet firmware like Pioneer and Liteon hacks.

  3. Right, only a few 16X media so far. BTW, 16X saves very little time in the overall burning process, about 2-3 minutes. And quality suffers.

  4. Nobody sells Region Free without a warranty voiding firmware hack.

  5. Heat is your enemy so get the fan. Also, very few external enclosures you add on will support 16X. See my link below, you need a Prolific chip to do so.

I would also go with the NEC 3520 based on burn quality and region free ability, as well as a significant base of firmware. You need, however, to pick your media first as different drives do better with some as opposed to others.