Finding a CD Burner for Windows 10

Thanks. I’m a bit confused about m3u files. If m3u isn’t listed on the site of songs you gave, I can’t find the m3u for any Internet station, right?

Hi ptfitzy,
I don’t know if you can find an .m3u on another similar site for a station you want to listen to.
Let me know what station & I will look for it.
I just selected a .m3u from the station list site & worked with a couple of those.

I didn’t have any luck going to an Internet radio station web site & copying the URL.
Then pasting it into VLC or foobar2000.

I believe that used to work but no longer does.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate the help.

There are some ways to get some URLs directly from an Internet Radio station.
It seems to be individual to each station.
On the
Using Opera browser I right clicked Selected Page source.
On that page I did Ctrl + f
Then in the find box searched for radio_stream.
I found 5 .
One was this:
So this method works for this station.

For I found this by searching around on the site.
Select the one you like & try it.
You should be able to right click on the link & copy the URL.
Paste that in foobar2000 or VLC in the correct location.

For a station you like to listen to.
If you can’t find a way to play it I suggest you Contact them & ask.

Thanks for the info. Awhile back I was trying to get stations on “Live 365” and this member told me how to connect VLC or Winamp by typing in the following below.
It worked on the site I asked him about and it worked. That station has since gone but I still don’t understand how it was done.

Hi ptfitzy,
I believe that “Live 365” is a site similar to internet radio com.
It has a group of stations they link to through their site.
The difference is internet radio com has the .pls & .m3u downloads next to each station.

I did a search for the Richbro Radio station but apparently is is no longer on the web or air.

I believe the 'Hash" value is the 79535 number.

Like I posted earlier if you locate a station you like that you can only play through a browser/
Contact the station & see if they will give you the URL to use in VLC or other media players.
Most sites have a contact either by email or phone.
The worst they can say is they don’t have or won’t provide a URL.

So I presume each station has a different “Hash” value? If so how do you find it?

I’m not sure how to answer.
It seems some have numbers for a Hash & some don’t.

Some stations I looked at I was able to find the correct URL.
Most I couldn’t.

That is why I suggest contacting a specific station you want to listen too.
Or just select from the stations on

They have a lot surely you can find a few they have you like.
Then you can use the .pls or m3u file for that station.

Sounds good. I appreciate that. I will probably stick to the stations you gave me on Shoutcast.

Sounds good to me as well.
I did learn a few things working on this.

OK. Another question. I don’t know if you are very familiar with “VLC”. It has a “Normalization” for listening to music. The directions on how to use it and what to set the variables on it to make the music at the same level. The station I sent you awhile back has a problem. Their songs are not normalized. Some of the songs I listen to you can barely hear and others loud. I thought I would try using VLC’s Normalization but after setting it, it still sounds the same. I even restarted my computer as the directions say. However, there are others that say to do it differently than this.

ptfitzy ,
The only station you posted a link to is the RichBro one & that station is no longer on the web.
I would be happy to try the “Normalize” in VLC on a station or song.
I’m not the best person to test “Normalize” though as I never use it when I listen to music.
I take songs as they come unless something is wrong with them.
I adjust the volume if I need to.

I can tell is a song is too loud or quite though.
So I should be able to tell if VLC is making much of an adjustment.
So post a link or a song you want me to test.