Finding a CD Burner for Windows 10


Hi Folks. I am trying to find a CD Burner for MP3’s where I can get the sound of all the songs Normalized.
I’ve tried “MP3 Gain”. I think it’s terrible. After converting the songs with MP3 Gain, the volume is so low. It literally loses their Gain. And it will tell you it has songs that are showing “clipping”. They are 1/2 as loud as the original song. I use to use “MP3 CD Burner” by Acoustica. Their last rollout was for Windows 7. It was pretty good. You had to go through each song but it had a Volume Control to get the songs close together for equal sound.
I’m not sure if the old “Normalization” on CD Burners were that accurate. I’m beginning to think they were better than MP3 Gain.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a burning program that can help me get the songs to get close in sound.
I saw in “Audacity” where you can adjust the sound of MP3’s but it’s a bit confusing. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, ptfitzy


I might consider using ffmpeg to increase the volume, and then burn the output to CD. Do note that ffmpeg is a command-line program, so that might make it a little harder to use. You can do this using something like:

   ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -map 0:a -vn -af acompressor=threshold=0.022:attack=20:release=500:ratio=3.25:link=maximum:makeup=9 out.flac

The above example assumes your mp3 is called “input.mp3”, and will produce a dynamic-range-compressed file called “output.flac”, which you can burn (dynamic range compression is similar to normalization, and should give you the result you’re looking for, without clipping). If your burning program doesn’t support the flac format, you can use wav. (I don’t recommend using a lossy format like mp3 as your output, since doing so will result in reduced quality. You should use something lossless like flac, wav, alac, etc.) You’ll have to do this with each mp3 you plan on burning, though.


OK. I’m a bit lost. Let’s say I use “VLC” to “Burn” the songs. I presume I convert the MP3’s to FLAC or WAV first. Where do I type ffmpeg’s long command line? Then what would be my next step?
Thanks for your reply and help,


I don’t think VLC can burn CDs. Correct me if I’m wrong. In fact, I don’t recall mentioning VLC at all. I’m curious as to why you are using it.


I guess I got confused. I thought you had to use ffmpeg with a Burner. I thought it was similar to MP3Gain. So I use ffmpeg alone and it will Burn the WAV or Flac files?


No. You’re using ffmpeg as an intermediate tool to create new pre-normalized files. You can then burn those files.


So I just need the ffmpeg which will Burn the songs for me. I don’t need any other programs?
Do I copy and paste the ffmpeg long code into my browser or download ffmpeg and then copy and paste it into ffmpeg?


I’m afraid not. You’ll still need a separate program to burn the files ffmpeg produces.