Find waldo!

Can you do it under one minute?


I don’t think this has been posted before… :slight_smile:
But it is an old trick… smiles silent…

Also a special for Mr. Belvedere! :slight_smile:

lol :slight_smile:

Seen this one come by earlier…don’t know where exactly, maybe on IRC somewhere, but unfortunately he found me…


Do NOT … i repeat NOT push this button !

Hehe :slight_smile: nice

Can you find him. :slight_smile:

uh oh i think i shut down the whole internet…i like pressing Mr B’s buttons better

Here he is called Wally

Nah, Waldo is Wally’s Nemesis

I just had too.

Where’s Waldo? (known in the UK, Ireland and Australia as “Where’s Wally?”, in French “Où est Charlie?”, in Chinese “尋找威利”, in German “Wo ist Walter?”, in Spanish “¿Dónde está Wally?”, in Polish “Gdzie jest Wally?”, in Dutch “Waar is Wally?”, in Hebrew “איפה אפי?”, in Icelandic “Hvar er Valli?”, in Portuguese “Onde está Wally?”) is a series of children’s books created by British illustrator Martin Handford.

If he’s british, I suspect him of drawing that thing in britain, and therefore Wally shalt be his name!