Find out safe burn speed for current media?

How can i find out a safe burning speed for my current blank CDR/DVD Media? I mean the fastest speed that does not cause any errors?

Can Nero tests perform this?

And also how can i check the quality for my burned CDR/DVD ?

Please, guide me through this, step by step

current burner : px-800a

current medias :
DVD+R media i got is MMC 004 (16x Verbatim Advanced AZO +)
CDR is 97m34s23f (Verbatim DataLifePlus Super AZO)

Your media…

DVD+R: 12x perfect
CD-R: 40x or even more.

Check out the Plextor subforum for more info.

Thx for the reply!

But the unfortunate px-800a isn’t actually no Plextor at all, it’s NEC.

How did you come up with those numbers? If they’re recommendations for my current media for Plextor drives, then i don’t think they apply to my drive.

And anyways, i don’t mean just for my current media i mean whatever media i am using, how can i determine safe burning speed?

I am using Nero 7, can it be done with the Nero Tools ? By some test-writing ?

Grab a disc, use Nero cd dvd speed to make a burn testing with it and scan it afterwards.