Find files ripped in Nero

i’m try ing to combine music tracks in WAV format , some I am loading from vinyl, this works fine, I cant work out how to load in files from CDs so I can then add them to ones from the vinyl. I tried using Nero Copy thinking I would be able to find the files on the HDD -but no luck. Anybody any ideas?

What file extension do these files have?

HI beef

I dont know I;'m using the COPY option in NEROi, I’ve tried searching for WAV and audio, but cant find anything. do you know where Nero holds the files inbetween the COPY read and the COPY write

I haven’t really used the function a whole lot & never really paid much attention, my bad, but I believe it is a Temp file & somebody please correct me if I am wrong, .nrg, also think it is deleted when you quit the program.

C:\DOCUME~1\User Name\LOCALS~1\Temp