Find corrupt .RAR files?

I downloaded 430MB+ of .RAR files, each being connected with each other (ie. broken up into 7 parts - 50MB each). I tried to unRAR them, but it gets to a certain bit, and says that one file is corrupt - the main file I need!

I want to find out if there is a program (preferably free/shareware - no ad/spy/ware) that can check to see which of the chunks are corrupt, as it only says:

! CRC failed in [FILE NAME]. The file is corrupt

It doesn’t tell me what chunk is corrupt though.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:
TIA :smiley:

No .PAR or PAR2 files present for the archive ? Then you could use SmartPar to repair the files.

If I am using the program (SmartPAR) correctly, then it appears that they are all in ‘Good’ condition. But …?

I suspected maybe that it is the actual file that is corrupt… not the archive. Could I fix this. I guess I could download it again, but I don’t know what one to download.

If it’s says it’s a CRC fail , then the content of the file doesn’t match either it’s own CRC check and/or the .SFV of the rar file.
It could be that some program renamed the file to something other , thus modified the timestamp and ownership of the file , but i doubt it.

So what would be a good solution? I don’t want to download the whole set again, as we now have a download limit (12GB - :() and mum might get angry if I go over that… will get angry.

Put all files in SEPERATE folders… Winrar will go nuts and ask where the other files are. That way you can check which part of the set is broken.

…smartass :stuck_out_tongue:

I didnt notice which vers of WinRar you’re using. In later versions of WinRAR there is a Test button in the interface, i believe. Otherwise, from the installed directory of your WinRar copy the file “rar.exe” to a filder that is always in your Path, this will be different depending on which windoze you are using. Then, go to a dos or command prompt in the folder where the rars are (that has a bad member) and issue the command rar -T where is the first member of the set, WinRar went thru a change in the last year or so and the first member will be the xxx.rar if the set was created the old way, or Part001 or something like that when created the new way. The test function will give you an output list that you can determine which part is bad. You may be able to repair it with WinRar if a recovery was built with it. Also, in the command prompt do a command “DIR /P” and look at the size of each part, if you see one that is different, its messed up (unless the last part). Par/Par2 set saying “ok” only means your files match what the Par/2 set was made against. If the boner that made the set had it bad to begin with, that does not help.

HTH :slight_smile:

It’s ok. Mr. B had a good solution. It worked. It seemed that it was Part002 that was corrupt.

hello all :slight_smile:

I’m new to this forum but was having a similiar problem as described here and thought I would join to seek a solution to this issue, and then see how things carry on from there. Basically I’ve got a folder with 30 rar files, and with winRAR vers3.40 it was telling me that I had to start the extraction from a previous volume to unpack the file, and that the file was corrupted… this was for EVERY file in the folder

I updated my version of winRAR to 3.64, and tried again. This time again it was saying that I had to extract from a previous volume to get the file, but it said instead of the file being ‘corrupted’, that there were no files to extract! :sad:

This is really annoying me, as I can see the file right there in the rar program that I want to get, its the right size and seems to be okay an ISO file, but I cannot get it unpacked! Any help would be good, I’m not extremely computer-savvy but I try my best and this is a real big problem for me I’d like to solve :wink:

Cheers, thanks :smiley:

Well anyway took me a while of searching multiple forums and sites but found the solution… seemed there was a missing file that solved all problems. So I’ve gotten the file unrar’ed and all is well! :smiley:


I’m pretty sure if you extract it via command line you can add “/ncrc” to the line and it will extract it without the crc error (maybe im thinking of winzip).