Find a good compatible drive with iXtreme burner max

[QUOTE=dante96;2662208]i succesfully flashed 424b… thanks to cvs…[/QUOTE]

For those in the same situation, which might be interested to crossflash their drive, the problem in this case was that the Flash Utility does not support flashing these Plextor drives.

The way to crossflash these drives to one of their iHAS224/424/624 B equivalent is to use the ‘unlocked flasher method’.

Download this file:

It contains an unlocked iHAS624 B GL29 exe firmware and a normal iHAS624 B GL29 bin firmware dump, as well as an unlocked Plextor 1.07 exe firmware.

Extract the files somewhere convenient and then use your mouse to right click on the GL29 firmware bin file and then click copy, and select the 624 exe flasher with your mouse, right click on it, and click paste (alternatively you could just drag and drop the bin file on top of the exe file). Click yes when the dialog box appears, make sure you select your Plextor drive in the drop down list, particularly if you have more than one drive connected to your computer or any virtual drives installed, and then click Update to start flashing your drive.

This will flash your drive with the 624 firmware, and once this operation is completed, the Flash Utility will work again and can be used in the future to flash the drive with any other compatible firmware of your choice (including the iXtreme Burner Max firmware, for those interested to crossflash their drive for this purpose).

Once the flash completes successfully, you’ll then need to use the EEPROM Utility’s Convert Drive feature, to get rid of the blinking light. Once that is done, then your drive should be successfully crossflashed.

If you want to use the iXtreme Burner Max firmware, then you’ll need to to flash it to your drive using the Flash Utility as per the instructions provided in that package (


As usual, it is very important to make sure that before you start, you have a valid firmware dump of your Plextor firmware, and even more importantly, to make sure you have an EEPROM backup of your drive as well (remember that the EEPROM of each drive is unique to that drive, as it contains factory calibration data unique to the drive in question).

Finally, make sure you are selecting the right drive in the flasher’s list and make sure that the drive you are flashing is indeed a B series equivalent model! The unlocked flasher used in this method will not check that you are flashing the correct drive or not, so if you flash the wrong drive by mistake because you weren’t careful enough to select the right drive in the drop down list, or if the drive you are flashing is an A, C or D series drive instead of a B series drive, you will kill that drive!

This method is a bit more complicated than usual because of the lack of Flash Utility support, so one should be very careful at what they are doing and how they are doing it. Of course, as usual crossflashing is carried out at your own risk, and if you do it you will use warranty.

last question… now can i return on original fw?

[QUOTE=dante96;2663200]last question… now can i return on original fw?[/QUOTE]

You should be able to use the Flash Utility to flash back your original 1.07 firmware backup, and the EEPROM Utility to flash back your original EEPROM backup file.

That should bring it back to its original state.