Find a certian DVD drive / Backup games?

I would like to know if there is a way to tell what DVD drive is in the XBOX 360 before I buy it?

I am looking at a Elite or Pro system. I heard only differance is elite is black and has a 100gig more space on the hdd for $100 more.


I don’t think any of them are moddable anymore without soldering a pass-key to extract the bios, and spoofing with an older drive from ebay.

The benq’s are the last moddable drive, and they’ve been phasing them out since november.

I never heard this. I see a ton of people posting they just got a new box and modding it. They have Benq and Hitachi drives and even some with Toshiba.

So the elite is $100 more for just more hdd space and black color? Any other upgrades theat make it worth the $100 increase?


Last i heard the elites were the hardest to mod.

The premiums should be the easiest.

You want a benq, if you can get one with it.

Those hitachi 79f drives are the ones that require the pass-key.

Benq requires nothing. Took me 15 minutes, and i had never done it before.

And you can identify the drive based on the design of the disc-tray, but you can’t tell what drive is in the console based on the box, unfortunately.