Finaly Liteon!

I just bought an external liteon 1673 burner here in italy for 79 euros.
I am actually trying it and i can say that is pretty fast!!!
The burst rate test with nero indicates me 25MB/sec which is very very good and there is no problem with 16x reading&burning.
I also opened the case and saw that there is something like a nest.You just push the burner in and you transform it easily and ide to usb2.0.
I just want to know if all burners have the same physical characteristics(distance between ide and power etc).
I mean,if i buy a nec drive can i put it inside the case or the dimensions will be different from liteons?(ide connector and power)
The shop that sold me the drive told me that i can try it for 7 days and if i don’t like it i can return it to buy something else.Should i keep it?

i’m not sure how good the lite-on is but i’d return it and get whatever newest NEC they have.

nope,nothing nec.Only LG!
But can i put another drive in the case?Are all dimensions the same in all drives?

First you dismantle it and then you want to bring it back? How would you like to buy a product that someone else took apart?

:a Leo

I don’t think that this is the point!:disagree:
I didn’t break it!I just removed 2 screws!

Keep that lite-on, crossflash to 1693 and be happiest person in the world :slight_smile:
Liteys are pretty good writers… If you change to LG - you get dvd-ram support, but no scanning of disc quality, litey is a good reader, has got a good error correction, so i would go for lite-on!

if i crossflashit what do i get more?

Good, fast and pretty good all-rounder.

Hi Geocha if you didn’t already you can give a look took the italian side of cdfreaks too…


Iuppone (RM)

I own 16H5S and i’m very happy :slight_smile:
There is a lottery with Lite-ON’s… It’s hard to get a good one (i had to RMA mine 2 times!) One time there were strange sounds, but it burnt everything perfect, i rma’d it, and got a silent one, but it made coasters (with red spikes on pif ~200). Now i got another by RMA, and this one’s an icy-burner :slight_smile: Burns everything at high quality :bow:

By the way, let us know if you keep it :slight_smile: We’ll welcome you in the forum :smiley:

I only accept a package with an unbroken seal…

:doh: Leo

LITEONS are excellent burners, where I am concerned - they might be very picky about media though but I use Taiyo Yuden ONLY so :slight_smile:

It’s not just liteon, most if not all companies out there have cut corners in terms of quality - big demand, little time, release stuff fast without the proper QA testing… I have seen quality issues with even the msot expensive electronics, so it’s not just liteon - you have equal chance of ending up with a faulty NEC, Pioneer, ASUS, etc…

I’ve heard of many stories of people ending up with ASUS motherboards DOA, who would have thought ASUS of all companies…same with LITEON same with others. I have heard horror stories with Plextor too…NEC and LG as well.

greg42 what is your liteon drive? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!!!

I would have never thought I would!!! and always brought ASUS MB till I ended up with a DOA ASUS MB, but I have to say there service was A1 and replaced it strait away  :slight_smile:

out of all the burners CD and DVD I ever brought Lite-On has been the only one I have always been very happy with  I had problems with NEC, LG, BenQ.

Some images from the drive and the chip :wink:

The strange is that i insert a dvd-rom Toshiba and the pc didn’t recognise it :confused: Is it normal?

Which chip is better?Cypress or Prolific?

Others have reported that they have tried and other burners will not fit. One significant difference is the length of the drive.

I have a Liteon 73 patched to a 93 and it’s been great.