Finally upgraded from Nero 6 to 7 but

I finally upgraded to Nero 7 but I have a minor annoyance.

On version 6 I used to be able to see the total time it took to burn a disk.

Now soon as it completes you can’t see the total burn time. This is important
to me because I usually click burn and walk away, if the burn took longer than
the normal time then I would give the disk a quality scan to see what happened.

Did I miss a check box or something? I looked through all the options but didn’t
see anything.


No one noticed this issue? No solution?

And there’s nothing in the log file ?

I’m still with

Right after the burning process finished you will see the window showing compilation of burning and another two windows which are referring whether you do want to save compilation and you want to repeat this process the first and the bottom window shows total time of the burning.

OK thanks I will check that.