Finally the Millennium Bug!



I just posted the article Finally the Millennium Bug!.

Source: C|Net & The Register.

So the millennium bug has finally stroke!

The bug was discovered when none of Norwegian State Railway’s new 16 airport-express trains or 13 high-speed,…

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It’s just like Windows… If it doesn’t work, reset it…



cheap solution: reset clocks every year!
Why do trains need clocks anyway, it’s not like tey’re allways on time?!


on time? you should visit the UK!

yeah, why do so many things need clocks!


Buy a real computer !!!


I work for a major Mutual Funds Financing company that had a major problem on Dec 31, 2000 when it tryed to export fund reports to the NASDAQ and failed because of “invalid dates” =) Took em 5 hours to get it up properly and missed most of the postings to NASDAQ.


How the fuck does a computer need to start a train? Even airplanes have keys you need in order to start them…


Yes But I Bet In Sweden At Least The Trains Stays On The Track.
More Than Can Be Said For Here
In The Good Ole United Kingdom


try trains in sweden… i dont think you will find one that is on time…=( f–n trains!!!