Finally "PlexWriter Premium" has "2 sheep-head" Correct EFM-Encoding

I am new to here.

Today I went to:

I can not believe my eyes, I saw there are “2 circle-sheep” on “Correct EFM-Encoding” for PlexWriter Premium !!

It discribe @ 5th writer ( from top) :
CD-R Premium: update @ 2003 04 29

If u are interesting u can check, and correct me if I am wrong !!

If it is true then “Premium” is the best product from plextor!!


I wouldnt get my hopes too high though, Elby’s sheep way of characterising drives is influenced by people’s feedback, so that this could change in the future … it has happened with other drives also in the past.

hi bmw530i, welcome to the board!

I think you can rely on the results. Plextor is a manufacturer that sends out a lot of their drives to software companies (hence is large support also in less known software), and I think it is pretty safe to assume they will also send one to Elby. So I think the Elby team has tested it and looking at results of others I heard about, I think the information is correct. Soon our tester GAMEFREAK will be able to disclose more results I hope.

It is true that Elby is doing their own testing on the drives they get their hands on, i do remember though that not such a long time ago a Mitsumi drive (the 485CTE if i’m not mistaken) was also stated as a 2-sheep burner but this changed after a while.

Mitsumi drives were always stated as 1 sheep burners up to that point and people had found it strange for it to be stated a 2 sheep burner, as it is the case now with the new Plextor drive. I sure hope so that it is a 2 sheep drive, as it the best drive Plextor has released up to now and i will probably get it myself too.

Btw has GF got his hands on one of these beauties yet Domi?

I strongly believe that the newer plextor drives on the hardware level should be capable of satisfying elby, as to be a 2 sheep drive.
Now if the premium drive is capable i wonder if through a firmware update they can help the other drives out aswell. Just as they changed their policy on 99 min cds, who knows maybe the same might happen for back-ups. I guess onyl time will tell, but i would give a go at it to ensure they dont fall back in sales behind lite-on.

Originally posted by Hemispasm
Btw has GF got his hands on one of these beauties yet Domi?
Nope, not yet unfortunately… If I receive it (hopefully today) I will of course post the results with SD2 a.s.a.p!

Yes, I’ve received the drive :slight_smile: It workes fine with SafeDisc 2, without AWS :slight_smile: Check this thread

Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
Yes, I’ve received the drive :slight_smile: It workes fine with SafeDisc 2, without AWS :slight_smile: Check this thread
Great news GF :smiley:

I just got one, and this drive very “silent” , read, write, even tray open and close, I almost foget it is in my computer.

I owns pioneer dvd-117, toshiba sd-m1712, sony DRU-500a, and plextor 1210s (SCSI), are not compare able to this new “preimum” drive.

I am so happy to have this drive, I make a good choice on it because I return Lite-On LTR - 52246S 52x 24x 52x and exchange to this one.

The only down side is this drive made in China, but we have no choice. All of the plextor drives now are Made in china, even in Japan, people can not find one made in Japan. Hope plextor can do much better quality control in China.

Where are you folks getting the drives from :confused:

I ordered mine from as soon as the came onto the site, it is now showing a 1 to 2 Week wait, does anywhere else in the UK have them?

Mine is to arrive next week…