Finally got a plextor! but cant use plextools XL :(

so i finally get my hands on a retail boxed px-760A ($105 canadian :D) and i can’t seem to get XL up and running. My licence file isn’t working (think it might be corrupt :sad: ) and every cracked version I try pops un in the task manager for 4-5s then dies. Any one have any ideas?

Try with the new version of PlexTools Professional LE instead of use cracked software :wink:

You won’t find any help with cracks here. Remember the rules? (

The licence file needs to be in a specific directory. See for more info.

Is your PC running Data Execution Prevention? That could be the shutting it down.

i added an exception for ptpxl in the DEP list but still no go

well i adding XL to the DEP exempt list didnt help, but LE does work. What am i missing LE vs. XL? is it still possible to buy XL? I’m quite annoyed at not being able to use XL even though I paid for it once (granted back when my premium still lived sniffle) and they killed pxlinux so my options are limited to buying XL again (if possible) or not using all the features i paid for. the joys of abandonware with active copyrights -_-

Looks like you need to complain to correct people. We cannot do anything for you.

there are piles of threads on here about how the correct people treat you. my inbox backs this up.

For reactivating your license you need your proof of purchase code, which you have got from Element 5 the time you bought the Plextools.

and the chances of me finding the paper i wrote it on this many years later really really suck.

[QUOTE=weedy2887;1907373]and the chances of me finding the paper i wrote it on this many years later really really suck.[/QUOTE]
If this means over 2 years ago then you’re out of luck because I think the XL license expires after 2 years. (this information used to be on the Plextools website but it seems to have been removed)

If i remember correctly that license was a “two year free updates” one, not a “two year use” one.

The proof of purchase thing does not work anymore. They let you down with this one. So, either you use LE or leave the path for a second to pick flowers.

I’ve been around with personal computers for about 20 years. I’ve never seen a company that treats you as Plextor does (if you forget about LittleSuck). This is disgusting. My next drive will be a Samsung 203.