Finally got a great scan with my benq!



After almost 3 months of burning dvds with my benq 1620, I finally got a quality score above 97%. LOL… I know 97% is good, but I am a proud poppa of a 98% finally…LOL…Ive used riteks, tys, verbatim, and finally got a good score with my tys from supermedia store. :bow: :bow: :bow: :eek: :eek: :iagree:


nice, total of only 41 PI failures


Good for you! are these those $38 for 100 TYs?


That’s great :slight_smile: Great burner you have there.
Too bad that DVD only has 4300MB. If you had that score with a DVD close to 4500MB, that would be a amazing.


They were the supermedia store special they had bout 2 weeks ago. 25.99 per 100 with free shipping. They were suppose to be 4x but ended up sending me and alot of people the 8x insted.


i think those are downgrade 8x. am i right?