Finally Did It!

To-day I finally got the courage to crossflash my 1633s to a 1653s and it worked!!
Thank You Very much code-guys for all your efforts.
I now have two questions to ask if someone wouldn’t mind taking the time to answer.

  1. If I deceide to update my firmware in the future ( I just used csom patched to go from 1633s to 1653s ) do I use the posted “patched” or the posted “stock” firmware from the codeguys website?
  2. I tried to set my book-type to dvdrom using Lite-on’s BookType 133 and it gave me a message that the “firmware is invalid”. Is there any way I can set the booktype to dvdrom?
    Thanks to you all once again for your help.

D.B. :wink:

@ Musky99

The easiest way is to use an already patched firmware, as you did with CS0M. And if you want to use the ledfix you have to until C0deKing has the ledfix-tool ready. When using stock firmware you have to patch it yourself using Omnipatcher. Because your drive is in fact still a 1633 you cannot use firmware from the LiteOn site.
For the booktype-utility I thought you have to use version 135. BTW, I had the booktype permanent changed with BS0S, went to CS0K, then CSTJ and now CS0M and the booktype stayed dvd-rom al the time!

Enjoy CS0M :iagree:

:bigsmile: Leo

Thank you Leo for the info.
I just installed booktype 135, inserted a blank Sony dvd and the settings showed the booktype as dvd-rom!!
My luck is on a roll to-day!!

D.B. :bow: