Finally cheap TY in Europe

Finally, I found a European supplier of Fujifilm TY, Damrotech. After a bit of research, I found out it’s actually the same guys that were XCITEK (at least one of them).
25pcs of Fujifilm TY DVD+R costs €9,90 ($12,50)
eBay (Auction ends 15 04 05, after that, click here)
Shipping costs are ok, but you might want to compare it to Opusshop or günstig-brennen.

Nice but keep in mind that not all Fuji media is TY. Only the ones made in japan are.

Now the price has gone down to €8,20:
Made in Japan
Media Code: YUDEN000T02 = Taiyo Yuden

that cakebox is just like the one i got from aprmedia (real TY MIJ) but i think i would be wary of them from Ebay, but maybe that just me.