Finally, a good DVD burner: 1633s

Finally i got a good dvd burner, the 1633s.
i burned a data DVD on Philips C08 media, and here is the kprobe result:

@ what burning speed?

8x using stock firmware.
i’ll burn another one tomorrow, if all is ok, i’ll stick with this firmware :slight_smile:

I would suggest BSOH. That is what I am currently running and getting get scans from Kprobe.


Yah, BS0C is over a month old! :wink:

where did you get your media philips c08?

but i had many coasters with my old 812s, and finding a drive that works well now, there is no need to mess it up…

i think i’ll follow the saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, at least for now.

these are C08

i got them from a local store here in italy, they are Philips DVD+R 1-8x, barcode: 8710895817318

what is the quality of CMC MAG media? good one (like mcc), or cheap one (like princo)?

They are rated at 8x but get a lot of errors, so I burn them at 4x. Got them at Staples, 19.99 for a spindle of 20.

I never understood the practice of converting KProbe result screencaps to JPG. They use fewer than 256 colors and are uncomplicated graphics (patterns). Use PNG-8 or GIF. Your image is 70K when it could be closer to 10K.

Also don’t overpay for CMC media. $1/disc is too much, especially if you feel you need to burn them at 4x. Mwave has branded Verbatim 8x DVD-R (MCC02RG20) for 72 cents/disc in a 100-pack for example. They also have 16x rated Verbatim DVD+R (MCC004) for about $1/disc.

Here is another burn on a Verbatim MCC003 media, not a bad one: