Finally, a coupon code for Newegg. Seagate HDs

I never thought I would see the day. Seems to be good for Seagate Barracuda drives; I only tried it with a few. No idea how long it lasts. Using this with the 7200.10 320Gig with the new perpendiculat technology and SATA 3, the weekend sale price works out to $90 delivered.


Yeah, it worked for me also.
BTW, I purchased the Plumax enclosure and I was thinking of picking up yet another hdd (love the seagates, plus a 5 yr warranty).

So stop it already with the great posts…you’re kiling me… :bigsmile:


Thanks chase0039, what a deal!

Got mine, code worked $89.99 shipped.

Now can you suggest an external enclosure :slight_smile:

Edit: I found what I want…Plumax PM-525S2-PNS

any ideas of the new seagate 320gb sata2 vs the WD 250gb sata2 that are both on sale at newegg?

Yeah, definitely go for the Seagate. Been through 2 defective Western Digital drives in a row. That and if nothing else you get a quieter drive and a 5 year warranty standard with Seagate. Anyways, I was ROBBED. I just ordered that 320GB Seagate to replace my currently dying WD drive (not 24 hours ago). I wish I had waited now.

how much is the coupon for?

is it a $ amount or a %?

can you cancel the order?

ok the coupon is $5 off and appears to ONLY be good on SATA drives

Western Digital makes good drives these days. Mine is virtually inaudible and when I got it a few months ago it was the coolest running drive on the market according to

The perpendicular Seagate looks good but I don’t want to be the first one on my block to try one out.

I’d jump on this deal if I had a halfway decent fan in my comp. It’s running hot as is, no way I wanna put this heat monger in my comp. Too much of a pain to buy another fan to accommodate this drive.

But if i have a better fan and comp, this is a GREAT deal.

Here, get this fan. Your problems will fly out the window.

Call them up and tell them you found out about the coupon code after you placed your order. Newegg seems to be REAL good about giving the customer a break. I ordered a Saphire video card recently, and the next day it was cheaper. When I called them, they honored the lower price for me even though there was no mistake on their end or anything, the price had just dropped. They credited the differance to my credit card. Give 'em a call, what have you got to loose?


Got mine yesterday.

Running it with a Antec HD 5 1/4 slot cooler. Runs sweet 32c temps :slight_smile:
The drive is also MUCH faster than my 200gb Maxtor SATA’s 8mb Cache

One big issue though that may or may not bite someone else. Soon as I put it in I got a Windows error can’t find \system32\hal.dll

If anyone else gets this error here is what you do.

Boot with your XP cd
Go to the Recovery console
Run chkdsk /r
Run bootcfg /rebuild
Run fixboot
Run fixmbr

You should be all set.

Was this the case when you simply added the HD to the system or after some sort of file transfers or partitioning?

Just ordered mine for $107 shipped. The coupon code no longer works :frowning:

Oddly enough I just hooked it up and started my system and got the error message.

This was before I had a chance to do any partitioning.

Fortunately google was my friend and I found the solution in a few minutes.

Seemed many people have had the problem and all for different reasons.

Not sure if you guys saw today’s article but this drive is a winner :smiley:


I got mine Tuesday, finally installed today. Runs very cool and is also faster than my maxtor 200 GB Sata 8 mb cache… :iagree:
I thought some of the reviews at the egg said this baby ran hot, I haven’t found that to be the case at all…but I’ve got lottsa room and a ton of airflow.

I was going to do a new install and some serious cleanup, but have to do the maintenance on the other 3 pcs…wife and kids and felt this was a completely justifiable reason to procrastinate…yet again.

Anyway, just partitioned with Acronis and cloned my maxtor; so the seagate is now my primary…sweeeeet!.. :cool:

Of course I knew it was a winner. I read about it a few weeks ago when Seagate announced it ahead of everyone else.

Would I steer you guys wrong? Wish I needed more storage or I wouls have added one. As it is, I have two 160 gig drives just sitting already. Besides, I spent my money on some flashy, fast top quality Corsair memory. Just my luck, arrived today, sent back this PM. One stick is so bad that the Memtest error screen is a blur. Just my luck; so much for quality control.

Thanks for the fix. I had the same exact error. It didnt come up when I added it (I already have a 160 gig Hitachi SATA) but it came up after installing the OS…Fixing it right now…chkdsk is sooo sloow