Finally 16x on my xford 911+ ads enclosure

well i have the oxford 911+ bridgeboard ( in fact i have 4 of tem) and for the life of me i cant get the darn things to work despite trying everything.
JBOD is fine but when it comes to spanning its a complete no go.

I have 2 brand new seagate barracuda 7200.10 500gb drives and despite trying everything i cannt get them to span.

They show up as 1000gb in HD tune and also in windows management but when i try to format the drives i get a format error.

If i try to connect the drives already formatted in only sees one of them and refuses to span.

Ive tried with the jumper in both off and stripe modes, updated to thelatest firmware, set the oxsemi uploader settings to span, rebooted and still no go.

Ive tried with one drive connected on master, set the span, close down, disconnect, reconnect both drives and start up… still cant format without getting error.

Ive also tried several other hard drives and again the same problem. kinda at my wits end here for this so if anyone has had any more luck than me at spanning 2 drives successfully on an oxford 911 plus bridgeboard please share the knowledge.

( this is on a machine running win xp btw and not a mac)