Finalizing problem

I just got the Toshiba D-R550 (set-top box). NTSC tuner, ATSC tuner, DVD player, and burner for off-the-air recording (if the HDTV broadcast flag tells the machine not to record, I can still use the ATSC tuner on older TV sets).

I know I should always finalize before removing the disc from the recorder, but somehow I didn’t. Now, the option to finalize is grayed out. This could be because the disc is very close to full (2 hours at the “2-hour” SP speed).

I copied the files from the disc to my PC. The files appear to play correctly. Nero CD-DVD Speed says the disc is closed. IMGBurn says the disc is started, but not formatted.

Copying the files to the hard drive is quick and easy in Windows, but takes a very long time in Linux (using midnight commander). So something is very strange here.

There is a directory \VIDEO_RM, with files in it. When the set-top box has finalized other discs, the files in that directory went away. So the set-top box probably did NOT finalize this disc, and as I mentioned, the option to do so is grayed out.

Will I need to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to another DVD+/-RW with, say, imgburn, so the disc will be finalized?

Any ideas?

I would try simply burning a DVD Video with the
burner in your computer using the files in the
VIDEO_TS folder.

Thanks, yes, I think I’m going to need to.

When the disc is finalized, the set-top box creates the top-level menu (probably from the files in the VIDEO_RM directory). It is a blue screen with one line of gray or white lettering per program. The line gives the start time, channel, etc. of what the timer recorded (but NOT the duration).

I’ve got VideoReDo, I can snip GOPs cleanly to shrink the files. The set-top box will see the files in the VIDEO_RM folder. Will it believe the disc is not finalized, or will it see that the PC burner finalized the disc? We really don’t know what will happen.

I’ll play with it some more in a day or two.

P.S. The same thing happened last night. I fell asleep with the recorder on and the disc filled up completely and couldn’t be finalized. Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. But because of her arrest, she could not give the interview. Jay got actor Rob Schneider to wear a dress and a wig and pretend to be Ms. Lohan. Definitely worth rescuing off the “too-full” disc.