Finalizing problem

Everytime the dvd finish writing, it always freezes when finalizing. Do anyone know what the problem is?

Most likely it is your firewall…we ran into this a couple of months ago. The issue relates to the VSO burn app phoning home…it’s harmless and helps VSO to compile and analyze data and thus improve their application…anyway take a look at this thread. I think my 1st post was about #6 and offers somewhat of an explanation. There’s quite a bit of info further on.

Hope this helps.

I am having the same problem with a different twist. The finalization will freeze about 3/4 of the way in, but as soon as my screen goes blank due to power settings kicking in it IMMEDIATELY finishes correctly and dvd ejects. How about that one. WOW!! This happens on my XP machine but not my 98se machine.

Not sure about your internet connection, etc., but this sounds very much like a firewall issue…just a guess though…

Hi Maineman…It is a new pc. I have temp dial up set up, but don’t use very often. No firewall, no antivirus. Problem is no big deal because dvd plays fine. Just strange. Using latest version of DVDFab.

Probably trying to connect and when it times out it finishes.


Hi Mack…I am a little confused. You mentioned trying to connect and timing out…connect to what?

Following the burn with VSO (the default burn application), VSO attempts to “phone home”, ie., send data to VSO so they can compile a data base, thus, improving their product. Nothing personal is sent and IMHO, it’s harmless. Mack should be back, he knows much more about this and can provide some links, if you want more info.

Not sure I know anymore Tom, but was able to find the Link Ken (portmac) at VSO posted. This is the results of information gathered by VSO using the auto phone home. No personal info just equipment etc. This allows them to find problems quicker. Can you imagine reading through 3.4 million emails when computer can compile the data in seconds allowing more time to improve products. For those who don’t know VSO produces the burning engines for Fab and other products.


I have been looking at the DVDFAB error log the last 6 dvd’s I have burned. It hangs up near the end of the finalization for approximately 13 minutes. It then finishes successfully and ejects dvd. Strange, but dvd playback is fine.