Finalizing DVD (Rather, not finalizing it)

I have a DVD burner, and for the life if me can’t figure out if it’s DVDR or DVDRW, regardless, I have files I would like to burn to dvd. After I burn the files though I would like to be able to add more files, hence I would like to burn the dvd and not finalize it. Their are no options in Nero though, what should I do?

Anyone know of a way to find out if I have a DVDRW? And if not does anyone know of a small program that would allow me to burn un-finalized DVDs for archival purposes?

Any kind of help at all would be appreciated. You guys are pretty good when it comes to this stuff, although honestly, I had no idea where to leave this, (let alone where I would find an answer like that)


I don’t know if it will help… I have a BenQ DVD LS DW1655 but I think they make different models.

If you mean DVD-/+RW disc it should say on the packaging. If it is a DVD-/+R discs then once finalsised that’s it nothing can be done to reverse it.

There should be an option to use the disc as multi-session this will allow you to add data at a later date this tends to be in the burn window make sure there is a tick in the box the arrow is pointing at. I use Nero express part of the package for data discs.

ah, cool, thanks. That’s what I was looking for. Thank you very much.