Finalizing DVD-R

Can someone help? I bought a pack of Memorex mini DVD-Rs to use in my Hitachi camcorder. The first I used Christmas and someone took it out of the camcorder and put it in a DVD player before it could be finalized. Now it will not play at all (camcorder or anything). It just gives us an error that the disc is bad. I used another last month and was able to finalize it with no problems. Yesterday I recorded my neice’s 1st birthday party. I was finalizing the disc last night, got a message that it was not able to complete finalizing and to restart the camcorder. Now everytime we restart the camcorder with this disc we get an error message “An error has occurred. Please restart”. Is there anything I can do??? Is there anyway to get these memories back??

Well… it seems the camera is to blame. Definately hold onto the disk incase you find a solution.

An -R needs always to be finalized to play in a reader.