Finalizing DVD-R disks



Have a recuring problem— When copying HDD to Dvd-r items
copy works ok but if I leave the 5026 unattended it goes into
standby- and When I come out of standby I connot finalize the disk.

If i sit over the machine and finalize the disk right away it
works OK!
Any Ideas



That issue seems rather unusual, since you should be able to finalise an unfinalised disc even if the player has been powered off or the disc has been removed and later placed back in. For a start, I would recommend trying to load one of your unfinalised DVD-R’s and see if it will finalise any now, just in case it is just a bug that occurs when the player comes out of standby with an unfinalised disc loaded.

Another thing worth trying is updating the firmware to see if this is a known issue solved in a later firmware release. Finally, assuming your DVD players do not have any issues with DVD+R media, I would recommend picking up a couple of these discs the next time you need to get media just to rule out DVD-R being the cuprit. :wink:


could someone please expain to me how to finalize a disc in nero? I have an RCA dvd recorder that will not finalize discs. I wouldn’t mind having to put the disc in my computer to finalize each one, but i don’t know how to tell nero not to worry about what’s on the disc, just finalize it. any help would be appreciated.


I have managed to salvage a disk like this in the past with an option in Nero.

On the disc info menu it sometimes allows you to finalise disc.

Ive just burnt a dvd to 99% but it just left it like that with no error or progress, so I left it 5 mins and then pressed eject and still the progress bar didnt notice.

Is there a special program that can finalise disks, the contents are fine Iam sure. Nero isnt showing the option to finalise this time and I cant remember which version it was that showed that it in the past now either.

(Afterwards I noticed that stupid nero had set the option in the disc comp screen to dvd9 instead of dvd5, maybe that caused it)