Finalizing DVD Q

Hi to everybody, I do have Q. about finalizing DVD’d.
Is there any better copy software or some way to end finalizing DVD’s to
make them be more compatible with Dvd players ?
I make same copy which play good on Philips and Rca dvd players, but
always get "incorrect disc " massage on Toshiba and Panasonic players.
For burning I used Copy to DVD, Nero 6.6 and Roxio, but same results.
Any idea or suggestion ?

These programs you’ve used are ok, you can also use imgburn and dvddecrypter for burning. For your players it could be that your standalones doesn’t like some specific media brands. What for discs you’ve used? Also to get higher compatibility you can try to use +R media and set the booktype to -ROM in case your burner supports bitsetting.

I do have Memorex DVD+/-R plus Dual , but I don;t have any idea about “booktype” and how to change that. Can you please a give more
information on that subject and how I can change that .
Thx Milos

Then i should know what for a burner you’ve, you can change the booktype for example in nero in choose recorder there you’ll find options for the booktype or in nero’s cdspeed in bitsetting option just change from +R to -ROM, and also i would’nt recommend to use the memorex media.

I do have Memorex DVD+/-R plus Dual burner in my computer.
THX Milos

And the specs of the drive are?
I’d recommend you to have a look at videohelp it could be you’ve a rebadged liteon or nec, just look there in the list you’ll see there the specs of the drives and if it supports bitsetting

Thank you for help I find it on Video help that it’s a Lite on and I can change bitsetting. Now I will try, if it make any difference in compability.
THX Milos