Finalizing DVD contain variaty of data



Hai, i have a problem with the technique or way to finalize my DVD, before this i use roxia which is when i burn something, its not automatically finalizing disc, so i though the DVD was completely burn n finalize, but it doesn’t. suddently someone stole my laptop. so i open the DVD in my PC but cannot see any data on the dvd, i try open it with nero, i’m happy to see all the data have there, then i completely burn it, but when i open it. the data still not in the DVD. All the data is very important to me, contain all assignment etc. i have other DVD which is contain half of my important data, now afraid to just burn it. please guide me step by step because the it is the last DVD contain last data. i already google it but still cannot find the solid solution. now i’m using nero 7 essentials.



If you burn data CD or DVD, the disc does not have to be finalized to be able to read it.
Finalizing is only for Audio CD playable on audio player and for DVD video played in DVD player. Computer read data no mater what, unless you use packet writing (drag and drop).
If you see data in Nero, just copy it back to HD and burn from there.
You can always try ISOBuster to retrieve data, even if they were burned using drag and drop feature.


I see… now i understand about the finalizing part. right now the method copy back to HD cannot be done because when i copy the data and want to paste, it can’t. now i want to try the ISOBuster… pls stay with me… thank u so much for reply


I am little confused about copy- paste part.
Can you see data files on your DVD when in the drive?
If so, just use Explorer to move them to some folder on HD.


The copy-part is when i copy the folder in the nero, and i want to paste it in the drive D: for example. the paste menu are disable.

i canot see the data files in the DVD when in the drive. i only can see it in the nero software.


Now i’m trying ISOBuster, its work, thanks to you, but all the function needs me to buy it first. I’m student, cannot afford it, is there any other way to solve the problems?



I am not sure, but afraid, no.
Next time do not use packet writing = trouble.
You can try to Google “data recovery” may be there is some freeware.
Also if you find somebody, who has the same version of Roxio, you used to burn those disc with, you may be able to recover data that way on his machine.


owh… ok… thanks for the information… really appreciate it. i try to find some… thanks a lot… really appreciate it


On the other hand, if you still have an original Roxio software just load it on your desktop and the way you go.
If you do that, you will have to get rid of Nero first, using their Removal tool kit (free download), they do not like to be installed on the same machine at the same time.
Good Luck.