Finalizing Discs from a Phillips DVD-R70 in a PC

Hi Everyone,

Title says it all really !
My friend gave me a DVD+R that he recorded on his Phillips DVD-R70, but he forgot to Finalize it :sad:

Does anyone know of any way that I can finialize it using my PC and DVD +R / +RW burner ?

When I put the disc in my PC, it detects it as a blank, but when I look at in with Nero it sees the video session and gives me the option to close it.

I’m scared to do this, in case it wrecks the disc !
Does anyone know if it would be safe to do this, or if not of any other utility that I can use ?



The standard solution is to write a small text file (eg a few words saved in Windows Notepad) to the disc and finalise the disc with the PC software.

I’m not sure that ‘closing the session’ is the same as finalising, so you need to look for the specific ‘finalise’ option.

Hi imkidd57,

Thanks very much for your reply.

Can you give me some more details of how I may do that, or what software to use.

I’ve tried it on my PC with Nero 6…When I try and write to the disc, it asks me to select a session, but it wont let me select either of the two sessions on the disc (I click on them, but nothing happens)

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.



I haven’t had to do it myself, but using Nero 6, if you select ‘Continue multisession disc’ under the ‘Multisession’ tab and then go to the 'Burn ’ tab, there’s a tickbox option to ‘Finalise DVD (no further writing possible!)’. Tick the box. Then click the ‘New’ button.

Add the small text file and then click the ‘Burn’ icon.

Hi imkidd57

Thanks again for your reply.
I tried this nero but it didn’t work…
However, I also tried it in Roxio and it did !

Thanks very much for your help,



Of course DVDDecrypter offers a host of finalising options. Track/Session/Disc.

“Free” works for me…