Finalizing disc failed .. how do I finalize disc



I copied 2 files to 1 disc using Nero and all the info is on the disc … but I get an error message that the finalization failed. Is there some program I can use to just finalize the disc at this point?


with dvddecrypter you can


thanks … just downloaded the freeware … now how do I finalize this disc? (which options do I choose?)


never mind … I got my answer from Lighting UK over at the decrypter forum board :cool:

Tools -> Drive -> Close (Track / Session / Disc).


i click tools, drive, close, and disc, or i press everything (Tack/Session/Disc) and nothing happens? someone help!


same here! I get an error saying “incomplete track in session.” I’d appreciate any help on this, as I’m sure many others will as well.