Finalizing an .avi in Adobe Premier Elements



I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what settings I need to make in Adobe Premier Elements (APE) version 2 before I attempt to finalize an .avi movie I captured last night from my old 8mm tape camcorder?

This is my first attempt at using version 2. My first version of APE kept locking up my computer but now I have a more powerful computer. Adobe PE is a bit hard to understand/use in my opinion.

I need some help for sure. Thanks in advance.


Not exactly sure what you are asking… Are you wanting to know settings for encoding? Questions about Authoring? Please be more specific…


Harley, I had to go away for awhile. Now I’ll have to figure out why I asked the question after make another attempt at using Adobe PE again. Thanks


Burnselk - Adobe is a great program. But like any of the better softwares, you should really spend some time playing around with a few tutorials, before jumping in with a project. When I started with Vegas, I thought I was going to pull all my hair out (I’m bald now)… hehehe… But after lots of tutorials, I’m glad that I learned how to use it… On some projects, it is the only thing I like to use…


Would you recommend Sony Movie Maker 9 Platium? I’m thinking about giving it a try. I don’t see how it could be harder to use than Adobe Premiere Elements. Just my opinion.

I’d like to hear back from you guys soon. Today is the last day to get it free after rebates.