Finalizing a DVD-R data disc

Okay, I think the reason why a burned DVD-R disc is not readable on my DVD-Rom, because the disc is not finalized. If I no longer want to add data to the DVD-R, how can I finalize it?

Do you use Nero application or do you write your own using one of the NeroSDK technologies?

In Nero you must check the “Finalize CD (No further writing possible!)” located on the “Burn” page of the wizard.

For NeroAPI/NeroCOM you must omit the NBF_CLOSE_SESSION/NERO_BURN_FLAG_CLOSE_SESSION flag when burning the last session. This will effectively close the disc.

The thing is…I’m not even able to check on/off the “Finalize CD…”. It’s lighted-out.

This is normally true if “Multisession” tab shows “Start Multisession disc”. A multisession disc needs to have at least two sessions so there is no point in finalizing after the first session. After you burn the first session, and later when you choose to write more sessions, you will be offered to finalize the disc.