Finalizing a disc

Hi guys, and girls…I had to rebuild my hard drive and made a multi-session disc using Nero 6 Ultra, since I completed the rebuild I cannot recover the data from the disc, it just shows it greyed out and I have 100’s of my photo’s on there as well as loads of data and contacts. Can anyone help? how do I finalise the disc? I have tried Nero but it tells me “Illegal disk” and using DVD decrypter does not see the data on the diak at all PLEASE HELP!

You need to use a data recovery program specifically for DVDs and CDs. Try this program:
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Try ISObuster to finalise it. If not it should allow you to read all sessions anyway.

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Sounds like you might have used bad media, or it might have been a bad burn (I too have done it).

As well as stroppy’s suggestion, give ISOBuster a shot, to see if you can grab something off the disc. :slight_smile:

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Guys what can I say?? I want your children!! Only kidding but serious you have NO IDEA how pleased I am to have recovered the data using ISO Buster there were 10 years of contacts on the disk all now safely saved again a BIG thanks guys

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Did you used packet writing on the disc? I’d recommend DVD ISO format if you want to use multi-session. Also stick with HIGH-QUALITY media. The dye on re-writable media can be flaky, so stick with write-once stuff.

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