Finalize pictures



Can anyone tell me when you copy pictures from a CD on to my hardrive LVW-5045. Is it possible to finalize the dvd so it can be used on other dvd players. I have tried several times with no luck. Is this possible and if so some suggestions. Thanks


I’m assuming that all Liteons are the same… Go to the Guider menu and select finalize. You can not finalize a DVD + RW (I don’t think you can finalize a -RW either).


Thanks for the info


When a new/blank DVD-RW is initialised, it will give a choice of quick and full initialisation. While both quick and full initialisation gives pretty much the same recording and editing features, full initialised DVD-RW discs are always ready for playback in other players and cannot be finalised.

However, a quick initialised DVD-RW must be finalised before it can be played in another player. Unfortunately, once a quick initialised DVD-RW is finalised, it must be erased before it can be used again for recording. Just bewarned that fully initialising a DVD-RW takes about 15 minutes for a 4x disc and about 30 minutes for a 2x disc. DVD+RW’s can only be quick initialised, however as mfdemicco mentions, these are always ready for playback in other players. :wink: