Finalize DVD's?

Hi - my minicam finalize DVD feature has stopped working. Is there a program I can use with the PC to do this? (preferably free!). Thank you! Deca :bow:

ImgBurn should allow you to finalize a DVD.

Hi Gummi - I tried it - it doesn’t work for me - I only get error messages. Unless I have some setting screwing it up… Thanks, Deca

Did you do it in this order:

[li]Tools -> Drive -> Close -> Track[/li][li]Tools -> Drive -> Close -> Session[/li][li]Tools -> Drive -> Close -> Disc[/li][/ol]

Hello & thank you. Right now I am using the Write Mode. Then when I use Tools>Drive>Close>Track - Nothing seems to happen… Then when I try Tools>Drive>Close>Session - I keep getting an error message -Session Fixation Error, Incomplete Track In Session. Any ideas? Thanks again! Deca:bow:

Is it + or - media you are using?

Hi - it’s -R