Finalize disc and booktype?

Hi there!
Ill make this short. I bought a SONY HX900 dvd/hdd recorder. It writes both dvd+r and dvd-r . Strange thing is that when I use DVD+R, the disc works in 4/5 players. When I use dvd-r it works 5/5 players. The one player it DIDNT work, all olther DVD+R works, so it has something to do how the SONY write the disc (tested with TY media as well)

Here is my question.

If I burned something with my SONY, leave the disc open, can I then put it into my NEC2510 (that has firmware that support SL bitsetting) and FINALIZE the disc with my NEC. Will it become BOOKTYPE DVD-ROM then? Does this info getting writed in the FINALIZE proccess?

Some people would maybe say: Stick to DVD-R for your sony, but I dont wanna because I have 700 blank dvd+r’s :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the book-type information is written in the lead-in area. If so then no, you cannot. Look for a modded firmware for the Sony that will allow book-type setting at DVD+R medias.

Maybe you can try the other way around…

And yes, orion24 is right in theory. :wink: