Hi I am a new member to CD Freaks. I have DVD Fab Platinum Copying a DVD to another DVD in external burner no problem., but when I copied to my hard disk using internal DVD burner, then burnt to DVD (as no external burner present) in two seperate actions DVD did not work in player or back in laptop even though DVD appeared to burn successfully. I assume this is due to not being finalised. This happened several times - so no problem with DVD. However I cannot see how to finalise (in DVD Fab if indeed this is the problem. Using another burning software (Roxio) the above procedure was ok

Welcome to the forum, maybe you have the burn space to high in the settings window. Check and make sure you set it at 4300MB for most dvd movies. Also that is an old version of DVDFab go to the web site and down load the newest version free. I think you will like the newer version looks too. Good Luck.

Hi thanks for the input. Have checked settings and DVD Fab set to 4300. I have the DVD-R with supposedly the appropriate Audio and video folders burnt - how can I now finalise it?

I would use +R media if I were you. The finalizing of the disk is automatically done after writing is done you can see it changes from writing to finalizing then ejects the disks. The software will give you a process completed successfully when everything is done, including the finalizing. Playing the disk also will tell you if it worked or not.