Finalising es-10 burnt discs

So i’ve been sent some dvd(rw)'s from home, recorded using a panasonic es-10 and i cannot get them to read in any player or pc. I think they are open sessions (i’m guessing) and am wondering if i can finish the discs off (close the sessions) without resorting to searching for someone else with the same (or similar) player. lite-on +/- rw dvd reader in my pc, using nero 6.6. windows won’t recognise the content of the discs, ps2 won’t read them either.

With the disc in a PC burner, open “disc properties” in Nero and see what it says.

dvd session >
session 1 (size) >
track 1 (start, length, mode(data))
track 2 (start, length, mode(data))
on all 3 discs

All you need to do is turn the disc upside down and gently apply a thin coat of Ronseal all weather wood varnish. Leave to dry at room temperature for about 3-5 weeks and then run the Nero ‘Disc Refraction & Alignment’ command.

hope this helps