Finalising CD-Rs

I have an audio CD that hasn’t been finalised and thus, doesn’t run in a CD player yet. How do I go about finalising it? If I can’t finalise it, how do I get Exact Audio Copy to recognise this CD and extract the tracks? Thanks…

What burning program are you using?

Nero 6.

Just put the disc back in and proceed using the wizard, select continue with mutli-session disc - should go through a little process and bring up the session on the disc available, select it and proceed. No need to add data to disc, just burn and it will finalise it - but before burning it make sure you select the finalise disc option!


Somehow, it still isn’t finalising. :frowning:

if you are burning an audio cd it should set its self to auto finalise, if not you must ad another track and tick the finalise tab.

NO - try this - put disc in drive and then go to Recorder / Disc Info … you should see something like Finalise CD button inside the dialogue.

If you add another track, you will write another session and the other track would not be readable!